The Truth Shall Set Me FREE!!!

The Truth Shall Set Me FREE!!!

About a week ago I attended a ladies night at my church. We had dinner together and spent some time in worship together. I had a really great time connecting with the women I know as my Sisters in Christ. I realized a few things through out the evening. One is that I have been craving the togetherness with other women who understand what my life is like. Even though we all do not live the same life, we all have one thing in common. We desire a relationship with God, a connection like no other. We all also know the feeling of failure, the distance of sin.  Second, in that room full of women some I just met and some I have grown to love over the years I realized I am not as different from all of them as I thought I was.


Every since I came to know Christ about 7 years ago I have felt like I was the wayward child who would never be able to “be” good enough to actually be loved by God. It’s not at all that I doubted His love for me, it was doubting my deserving His love for me. Actually I even told myself that my doubting God’s love for me due to my sin was a lack of faith, because it is written in His word that He loves me no matter what. However, I was choosing to think and still do think He loves me based on my performance in life. Based on how good of a person I really am. My logic was and often still is why would God love someone who struggles with  many things such as anger, depression, prayerlessness, lack of faith, and the list goes on. But on that night I realized I am not alone. I really am not alone. Every single one of those women struggled with something. Many struggled with a lot just like me. While we were there we all made a list of things that are keeping us from the fruit of the spirit. It was so awesome to put into words the things that I feel on almost a daily basis, and seeing that others shared in my pain. It was so freeing to not be alone anymore.


That night when I got home I decided I was going to share with all of you my struggles. I am not going to hide anymore. I am going to find truth, as we all know truth is the only thing that can set us free. And there is only one place in this whole universe where we can receive 100% truth and that is the Bible. So I thought once or twice a week I would share with you one of my struggles that is on my list and along with that I will share the truth I have found in God’s Word about that particular struggle. I am committing myself to researching what God has to say about every struggle I have that keeps me from the glory He has created in me when I was born again.


It is time to do my part!! God has been waiting for me to want to study His word and know the truth. I invite you to join in with me. Search your heart, do you have a struggle that is holding you back from God or many as I do. Make a list if you need to. Tackle one at a time. Find your truth, you deserve it.

If you have any questions or would like to talk please feel free to let me know or email me at the address listed on my contact me page. I love to hear from you.

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