About TT

Hello my name is Patricia Robertson. I am a happily married mother of four wonderful blessings. I live in the great state of Virginia and We are for LOVERS!! I am a believer in Jesus Christ and I am thankful for His gift of redemption. I am a stay at home mom which I love for the most part HAHA. I get the opportunity to be a stay at home mom because I am a Independent Consultant for Perfectly Posh, I absolutely love my business and stand behind the products I sell. If I had to pick a few things that people should know about me it would be I love pickles, I HATE peanut butter, I think anything with artificial strawberry flavoring is nasty, I enjoy cooking, I am always in search of a good book, I believe in honesty, I should read my Bible more than I do, I am green thumb challenged (even though I try really hard), I think that bullying is the most cowardly thing a person can do, I think you should get to know someone before you judge anything about them, I am no where near grateful enough for all the wonderful people and things I have in my life, and I love to connect with people. I really hope you enjoy my blog, please look around and comment. I respect others opinions so please feel free to express yours.

Some History behind the Nickname TT:

I was a tiny baby when I was born compared to all of the other babies that had been born in my family. My Mom said that everyone in the family kept calling me Too Tiny, until one day one of my Uncle’s decided to abbreviate and call me TT. This nickname has stuck with me my whole life. No one in my family calls me by my real name. My Mom, Dad, Grandma, Aunts, Uncles, Sisters, and Cousins all call me TT or just T. I don’t see it as a nickname anymore, I see it as who I am. I am TT and will always be TT.