Help Me Please

Recently on of my tween daughters has been having a very hard time emotionally. For a long time I thought it was just the normal emotions that a teenage girl experiences while her body is changing. I also thought it was her having a hard time with the court battle that is going on between her real father and myself.

A little back story is needed to understand. Her father and I have not been a couple for 10 years now and my husband has been the biggest father figure in her life now for 9 years. For the most part her father, my husband, and myself have gotten along. I have always tried to be liberal with allowing him to see her and her twin sister when he wanted. However, recently there has been some issues with the decisions he makes while he had the girls on overnight visits. So after attempting to talk to him a few times about the problems, I decided it would be better to petition the court to have his visitation changed to a less flexible time frame. When I did this it caused her father to get very mad and he hired a lawyer and turned this into a court battle. Because the girls have always had liberal visitation with their father they have a close relationship with him. So I really think that the court battle is causing the girls to feel as though they need to choose sides. Even though I have spoken to the and told them that it will be over soon and they do not need to pick sides. I don’t think my words can heal what they feel is going on.

So when my daughters behavior and emotions started getting worse and worse I decided it was time to get her a counselor. I really didn’t know what else to do. I consulted with our Pastor and he recommended a great Christian counselor. I knew the moment I met her that God had led us to the right person to help my daughter. She is friendly and patient and kind. When we met with her for the first time I could tell that God meant for her to be my daughter’s counselor.

The counselor spent over an hour meeting with my daughter and then brought me into the room to meet with both of us. She started explaining to me that she believe my daughter has ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder. She went on to say that ADD is genetic and she would like to have us both tested. To be completely honest I have thought before that I may have ADD for many reasons. But I have to be completely honest I never thought my daughter may have it. I have always known she has a hard time focusing and getting tasks done. I have had meetings with her teachers before about this kind of behavior. More and more recently I have been getting complaints about her having outbursts in class. I have also worried about her complete obsession with One Direction. However, I wrote it all off as a part of becoming a teenager. I mean this is my first go at raising teenagers. Her twin sister and her are my oldest children and when they came out I looked for the manual but could not find it!!! Now everything is starting to make more sense. I do know however that ADD is highly over diagnosed in this country and that the medications can cause more problems than they are worth. My brain can not seem to wrap around this and come up with a feasible plan.

So that is why I am reaching out to all of you. If you have ANY resources at all to offer me on ADD please, please, please share. If you have experience, ideas, knowledge, or anything please let me know. You can email me personally at the email provided on the contact me page or you can leave a comment here. I really need help and advice. I feel like a fish out of water right now. I completely know and trust that God has a plan behind all of this but I need to know what is the right direction for my daughter and even for myself. Also if you are a prayer warrior please add us to your prayer list. I know prayer can move mountains and it will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You All So Much For Reading

Until Next Time